m.div. synthesis

Instead of a thesis, my Master of Divinity program has a series of presentations. The first is your theology of pastoral leadership, then your understanding of your faith tradition, followed by integrating your coursework over the degree, and finally, the synthesis of them all. The titles of my first three presentations were:

  • Getting Out of the Garden
  • Deep Love & Righteous Frustration: Out of the Garden Into…
  • The Resistant Theologian: Getting Out of the Garden

On May 31st, I gave my final presentation and am able to share it with you all (shoutout to Larry). I edited out the question & answer portion, but if you ask nicely, I may just share it with you. (I’m not embarrassed of my answers, or how I chugged a few more cups of coffee… Just figured 20 more minutes of me was too much.)

If you want to read my reflection on my presentation, read my article synthesized? the resistant theologian + heartache, hope, & action. As usual, if you want to chat about my theology, I’m always game.