connecting with irene

IreneDeMaris-20150806-KLorenz-26FIXED-1200First of all, I am floored that you potentially want to connect with me! You can find me on LinkedIn and on Twitter as @therealIRD. I have a Facebook, but I’ll let you find me there for the challenge aspect.

I am currently searching for jobs in social justice non-profits and am willing (and wanting) to move for work. My resume is well-rounded from event planning, maintaining website content, blogging, research, and facilitating small groups, and I am a quick learner. Here is my Reclaiming My Initials Resume.

I am also available for guest preaching in the D.C. Metro area, blogging, writing, and pub theologies, and of course conversations over a large cup of coffee.

Just shoot me off an email to to connect. I have business cards available and would love to send some if you are interested.