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pinch me… i must be dreaming

In March 2016, I visited Washington, DC for a rally and a board meeting. I graduated in June and then in August I moved from Seattle to DC. In December I signed a lease to stay in DC another 6 months. Now it’s April 1st and my life is no joke. (Sorry not sorry for the dad joke.)

I often have to take a moment and pinch myself. My life is so much better than I thought it could and should be at this point. I’m in a city that I love. I have found deep friendships with new friends. I joined a church that has a Sacred Resistance team that I am actively involved in. Leo, my dog, loves it here, or that I’m here. I have found an active lifestyle that includes lots of spin and yoga. I found more discernment that I will blog about later. Most of all, I have found a job that is in my vocation at Wesley Theological Seminary’s Center for Public Theology.

A year ago, I knew there was hope, possibility, and wonder out there waiting for me to actualize it. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be working in public theology, at the table with people I have read about, surrounded by some amazing coworkers, found new friendships, and am making it in DC.

I am deeply grateful for my life and the fact I can live into my vocation.

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