we had a good view

Our hotel room was literally next door to the Oregon Convention Center and had the view above. Every single day without fail, and received in loving annoyance, Sara would say, “damn we have a great view”. Truth be told, we really did! Our curtains were only closed when we went to sleep as we soaked up every minute of the damn great view.

I feel like for the first time, I had a good view of General Conference and how the sausage was made. It’s not pretty, it looks good from afar if you aren’t listening and there are points of beauty, but it can be ugly. There are moments of mutuality and those are the pieces that hold us all together.

It is in those moments of beauty, connection, and mutuality that holds The United Methodist Church together by a thread. United we can do more and be global. The church does too much good, yet there are a few issues that need to be cared for. We punted on LGBTQ issues, on one hand we held onto women’s reproductive issues but also moved backwards, and we neglected to care of all of creation through divestment.

The United Methodist Church has issues with bodies. That’s what I am learning. Also, 25% of the church voted in favor of a discussion again evolution (I’m still in shock over this).

As my dear friend Chett said, we didn’t move forward, we didn’t move backwards, we took a step to the side.

I will be doing more reflection in the next few weeks, but first, I need to graduate with my Master of Divinity! I’m not leaving the church, but I am staying in it theologically trained with my bent towards social justice.

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