some humanity healing

Today during the morning worship, we were encouraged to have dialogue with people who may have different theological beliefs. I was running around and missed part of the sermon, but it seems like many took to heart what Bishop Elaine Stanovsky preached.

I wear a rainbow stole signifying that I believe in inclusivity in our church. During a break, two women came up to me seeking that dialogue which Bishop Stanovsky encouraged. I got to explain why theologically I am in support of inclusion and my belief in the Good News rooted in the radical love of Jesus. Somehow my knowledge of medieval church history and celibacy was included, well, there was a question why our LGBTQ clergy couldn’t just be celibate and it made sense in the conversation I promise.

No minds were changed, but for a small moment in time we met in the middle and it ended with a hug.

Then during my lunch break I had a wonderful conversation about how dialogue can be promoted at General Conference with a clergy delegate slash DS from the south. We disagreed on one thing, I’m a Coug and he was a Husky! But we talked about church planting and it was a great conversation creating a healthy dialogue. Just the time waiting in line at Burgerville gave me a glimpse of hope for the church.

How do we have these spiritually mature conversations where we can see each other’s humanity? Today I still mourn the loss of the church in the RCRC and am not sure how the church will look after today… but I am committed to dialogue with people who have different beliefs than my own. It’s hard, but necessary.

My humanity is still broken for you, but yet, like communion we come together to take of the bread and juice (we are Methodists). These hard conversations around my broken humanity point to unity, but how we get there is unknown.

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