climate change is real

I originally started this post yesterday, but the day got away from me and I will post about it later.

I love the sun, probably since I have grown up in the Pacific Northwest and am usually low on Vitamin D. I appreciate the sun and the warmth on my face, how my dog loves to sunbathe, and the fact it naturally lights my brunette hair. This year it’s been really nice, really early. As an avid walker, it’s nice to not always have to walk in the rain (which I actually love) all of the time.

My tan aside, these are signs that the climate is changing and it’s not good. On Thursday night, Fossil Free UMC sponsored the Climate Change Vigil. Churches from various corners of creation created prayer lanterns that were light by re-usable lights that will go to people in need, there were speakers from various churches that are experiencing the negative consequences of climate change. It’s always a good reminder to remember our impact on creation, beyond humanity.

We sing “Jesus, remember me, when we come into your kingdom”, but we are in the kin-dom and must remember going forward. Fossil Free UMC is trying to get the church to divest from fossil fuel and that is one small way we can go forward.

Divestment is an important first step and with the amount the church has invested in said fossil fuel stock, it can sting. But we need to do more!

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