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being in coalition, being in community

Sometimes one arrives in Portland before the third person in your small group text chain. Honoring her absence clearly takes place at lunch. 

I arrived in Portland yesterday to be greeted and needed right off the bat. My first General Conference is off to a hop, skip, and a jump into writing an Op Ed for Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC from now on).

I’ve been meeting people I’ve only communicated with via email, meeting social media friends, and straight up fangirling the man behind Hacking Christianity. The thing about meeting all these new friends, is that there is a deep connection already, progressive United Methodists who value justice and changing the church. No big deal.

Being in coalition means learning to communicate with each other, to share our stories, to be open, and to listen deeply. This extends beyond my LYNC bubble and to the other coalitions in the UMC.

Which leads me to being in community. Coalition is working together, I am seeing community as being together. Both are a blessing and much needed during General Conference. My roomie, Sara (check out her blog) and I already have a small following of guests who will be hanging out in our room where we are building community that strengthens our coalition.

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